Warwick women’s rowing’s naked calendar banned on Facebook

The Warwick’s men’s rowing team (Coventry, England), has been selling naked calendars since 2009. Last year, the Warwick women’s rowing team created their first nude calendar, sold 1,500 copies, and raised thousands of pounds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

The 17 members of the group posed naked in their boat house and in action before posting the pictures on both Facebook and Twitter.

This week, Facebook banned the group’s page for breaching the “nudity and pornography” policy with their 2013 images.

“There are loads of similar nude charity calendars
who have Facebook pages plastered across the site,
Why aren’t they being asked to takes theirs down too.”
Calendar organizer Sophie Bell said.

After receiving hundreds of messages from supporters of the Warwick team, Facebook overturned the ban on the page today. A post on the updated page reads:

We are so pleased that our tasteful nude calendar which we all are proud to be a part of is has rightfully removed its label of being pornographic, explicit and a violation of the terms of facebook and we thank each and every one of you for your part in it!

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